Other Brands


Verdura is a luxury house of jeweller founded by Duke Fulco di Verdura, a Sicilian aristocrat born in the late 1800’s. Duke Verdura designed pieces inspired by classical patterns and natural forms, often showcasing a range of gemstones in intense colours. Early in his designing career, he was noticed by Madame Coco Chanel, resulting in a magnificent collaboration between these two style icons. A noteworthy piece from this collaboration is the iconic Maltese Cross cuff design.

Verdura moved to America in 1934 and opened a boutique on Fifth Avenue, becoming a favourite jeweller to New York high society and Hollywood stars alike. During his career he collaborated with many luminaries of the era, such as Salvador Dali. The designs he created and catalogued in his lifetime continue to be made to this day, with the company celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2014. Verdura remains a favoured luxury brand, with its headquarters located at 745 Fifth Avenue, NYC, as well as having pieces available at select retail partners. In Canada, Verdura is carried exclusively by Mindham Fine Jewellery. Please contact us to learn more about this magnificent brand.


Franck Muller

Mindham Fine Jewellery is proud to carry the Franck Muller brand of watches because of their bold and original designs.  Founded in Geneva by Franck Muller, the Master of Complication, Franck Muller watches are amongst the finest and most complicated in the world.  The brand merges extremely complicated movements with bold and original designs. Please contact us to speak further about Franck Muller watches.