Founded in 1991 by Founder and Creative Director Myles Mindham, Mindham Fine Jewellery provides a distinguished clientele with extraordinary jewellery, designed and fabricated in-house. Here, all aspects of jewellery creation are carried out seamlessly, from designing pieces, sourcing rare stones, execution, and after-care such as repairs and cleaning. Mindham Fine Jewellery began as an appointment-only private jeweller serving Toronto’s elite from the prestigious Park Hyatt, Toronto. From the beginning, Myles Mindham focused on creating luxury pieces based on his own creative designs, customized to meet the discerning taste of his clientele. In 2007 he expanded his facilities and opened to the public in a 750-square-foot boutique that showcased the styles and designs once exclusive to its private clientele. Three years later the jeweller embarked on yet another expansion, moving the gallery-style showroom and production facilities to an elegantly expanded former townhouse at 37 Hazelton Avenue, in Toronto’s tony Yorkville neighbourhood. In addition to original Mindham designs, the studio at 37 Hazelton Avenue carries select international luxury brands. Most noteworthy, it is the exclusive Canadian retailer for Verdura, an enduring New York brand made famous beginning in the 1930’s by collaborating with the likes of Coco Chanel and Salvador Dali. The brand was sought after as much then as now, and was worn by distinguished Old-Hollywood elite such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich and today is collected by patrons with exquisite taste and an eye for the best. In 2016 Mindham Fine Jewellery celebrated its 25th anniversary with the launch of its “Magical Woodlands Collection”. Inspired by his favourite childhood fairytale, Myles Mindham designed this collection around the themes of nature, fairies and the idea of light overcoming darkness. This collection is a stunning testament to the growth of his company, and hints towards the beautiful creations that are to come in the years ahead.