Myles Mindham

Myles Mindham’s relationship with beautiful, meticulously-crafted objects started in childhood. His grandmother, who worked in antiques, helped to encourage and foster his interest in fine objects. He showed strong artistic talent from an early age, and balanced this during university by pursing a degree in Commercial Administrative Studies at the University of Western Ontario. He then worked in sales for a jewellery manufacturer and wholesaler in Yorkville, Toronto. There, he learned the ropes of the jewellery industry, but he sought more independence in executing his creative vision than this position could offer.

Tiny sculptures with precious materials

Myles Mindham


In 1991 he launched Mindham Fine Jewellery, a boutique by-appointment business in the Park Hyatt hotel. Early exposure to jewellery by the iconic jewellers David Webb and Harry Winston, collected by a friend, has inspired Myles Mindham and shaped his style. He also greatly admires the designs of Verdura, and is proud to have been selected as the exclusive carrier of Verdura in Canada. But above all, his primary passion is creating his own designs to satisfy his discerning clients’ needs. With hard work and innovative designs, Myles has built his reputation and a roster of elite clients. Myles’ passion and creativity have been recognized and rewarded through numerous national and international awards, including being named a finalist in the De Beers’ “Diamonds International” competition, finalist in the De Beers’ “Diamonds Today Award” three times and winning five “Excellence in Design” awards from Canadian Jeweller Magazine, an achievement unprecedented by any Canadian fine jeweller.


He credits much of his success to an ability to intuit designs that respond to his clients’ unique desires; he connects with his clients and is able to visualize a design during the client consultation process. This is then brought to life, using the finest metals and gemstones, all while factoring in practical matters and any budgetary constraints. The company he founded has grown to include over 20 employees, and is now located in an elegant townhouse in the upscale Yorkville neighbourhood. Working with experienced and extraordinarily skilled jewellers Myles gained experience in executing sophisticated designs and has spent the past 25 years pushing the limits of what is technically possible.

Aiming to always exceed expectations, Mindham Fine Jewellery hopes that each client leaves the studio feeling that they had a superior experience. His clients gain a unique piece that will bring years of happiness, vested in sentimental value, elevating it from mere jewellery, to family heirlooms.

  Enroute Magazine August 2017