Design Services

Diamond Bridal Collection and Design Services

For over 25 years Mindham Fine Jewellery’s bridal design have been centerpieces of countless love stories, becoming family heirlooms and symbols of commitment. Handcrafted in the Mindham workshops, every piece of bridal jewellery is a testament to first-class design expertise and time-tested craftsmanship. Mindham Fine Jewellery’s luxurious design services offer the ability to customize and personalize jewellery creations. Our team of highly specialized jewellers and skilled designers work with each client to bring every creation to life.

Mindham Fine Jewellery Care and Repair

Our Studio at 37 Hazelton offers in-house state of the art facilities for repair and restoration of all fine jewellery, including items purchased at Mindham Fine Jewellery, gifts and family heirlooms.

Care of Fine Jewellery

To ensure lasting beauty and sparkle, here are some simple do’s and don’ts to care for your jewellery:
  • Do schedule “maintenance appointments” with your jeweller twice a year, for wedding jewellery and frequently worn pieces. Like anything else, daily wear can take a toll. Over time, settings may become loose, or small claws could chip or break, resulting in the risk of losing stones. Close inspection by a professional jeweller, using a loupe to see fine detail, is required to catch wear and tear.
  • Do clean your rings once a month. Products used daily such as hair products, perfumes and creams can accumulate in the gallery’s delicate settings and this will affect the sparkle. We recommend taking your rings to your jeweller once a month for a professional cleaning to bring back it’s original sparkle.
  • Don’t put your ring through needless wear and tear – a diamond is one of the world’s hardest materials, however that doesn’t mean that it cannot chip and crack. Avoid wearing your jewellery when engaging in activities that could add stress to your ring. Avoid wearing it to the gym, while gardening, while washing dishes, doing laundry, carrying heavy luggage and so on. If you remove your rings to wash dishes or shower, it is advisable to have a small bowl in a safe spot to store them nearby but out of harm’s way.
  • Don’t remove your ring while washing your hands in a public place. The possibility that your ring may be forgotten or accidentally fall down the drain is too large a risk to take.
  • Do store your pieces properly. When you are not wearing your pieces, clean, dry, then store them in cloth-lined storage boxes or pouches, in a secure place. Please ask for guidance on best cleaning methods for your individual items, since particular stones and pearls have differing levels of delicacy/strength to consider.
  • Do protect your investment against loss or theft by purchasing insurance for its full replacement value. We can provide you with a valuation report or third party appraisal to assist you with insuring your items.

Mindham Fine Jewellery Preferred Metals

Mindham Fine Jewellery uses the most precious metals and gemstones to ensure clients are graced with the most desirable and sought-after pieces. Mindham’s preferred metals and colours include platinum, palladium, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, 18k green gold and 19k yellow gold. Other atypical and rare materials, as well as 10K and 14K gold are available upon request.

Certificates and Appraisals

Each Mindham Fine Jewellery diamond and gemstone is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity issued from a reputable grading laboratory. Diamond certificates are available upon request from GIA, HRD and AJS laboratories. Coloured stone certificates are available from GIA, IGL, AJS, IGI and GRS laboratories. Mindham Fine Jewellery also offers third party appraisals and valuations on all pieces of jewellery.